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Maintenance method of brake pad

1. The brake pad need be checked every 5000 kilometers under normal driving conditions. Not only need to check the remaining thickness, but also check the status of shoe wear. To see whether the degree of wear same or not, whether freely return. If you find abnormal situation must be dealt with immediately
2.Brake shoe is generally composed of iron shoe part and friction material. It can not replace the brake shoe until friction material just be worn out. Like the front brake shoe for Jetta car. The thickness of new lining parts is 14mm, the limited thickness is 7mm,  which include 3mm metal part and around 4mm friction material. Some vehicles with brake shoe alarm function, once the wear limit is reached, the instrument will alarm and prompt to replace the shoe. Although it can be used for a period of time, it will reduce the effect of braking, affecting traffic safety.
3.the brake pad provided by original factory has better braking effect is best, and the least wear.
4.When replace the shoe pads, must use special tools to brake pump back to the top, do not use a crowbar forced it back. It will be lead lead to brake clamp guide screw bending, so that the brake pad will stuck.
5.After the replacement, be sure to step on the brakes a few, to remove the shoe and the brake disc gap, in case the brake not work at first brake to cause the accident.
6.It is need run 200 kilo-meters to achieve the best braking effect, it's need be calful driving after replacing the brake shoe or pad.
How to replace a brake pad.
1.Loose the hand brake, and loose the screw of wheel hub(Note that it is loose, do not completely screw down). Jack the car. And then remove the tire. Before moving the brake, it is best to use a special brake cleaning liquid in the brake system, to avoid the powder into the respiratory tract,and impact of health.
2.Remove the screws of the brake caliper(For some cars, just screw down one of them and then loose the other)
3.Hanging the brake caliper with a rope , to avoid damage to the brake pipe. Then take off the old brake pad.
4.Use the C type clamp to push the piston into the back side.(pls note before this step, first off the hood, unscrew the brake oil box lid , the top brake piston brake fluid level will increase because of pushing on the piston. Then install the new brake pad.
5.Install the brake caliper back, the screw of it required to reach the torque. Loaded the tire back, and tighten the wheel screw slightly.
6.Drop the jack and tighten the wheel screw.
7.Because in the process of changing the brake pad, we push the piston into the inside, it will be empty when started to step on the brake. It will be ok after few steps.

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